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Film & Photography

Underwater photography and filmmaking require a unique set of skills and tools to capture the mysteries that lie beneath the ocean's surface. With limited visibility and water quality issues, ensuring safe and successful underwater shoots is of utmost importance. For professional divers as well as amateur enthusiasts, it is essential to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and the marine environment while still being able to capture stunning footage and images.

Our underwater drones, equipped with super-bright lights and advanced cameras, play a pivotal role in capturing stunning shots underwater. These drones illuminate the underwater scene, ensuring detailed images even in challenging environments. The Tethys drone enhances the artistic aspect of underwater projects while making the entire operation safer and more efficient, combining human skill with cutting-edge technology to unveil the secrets hidden beneath the ocean's surface in a visually compelling way.

Make high-quality inspections of the underwater structures even in turbid, high-current waters
Create interactive 3D maps for a fast and efficient infrastructure assessment
Reduce costs with a streamlined and simple inspection process
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