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Offshore Wind

Offshore wind turbine maintenance encounters numerous challenges, such as the corrosive effects of the harsh marine environment on turbines, the inaccessibility of remote offshore locations, and high costs associated with sending specialized vessels and personnel for maintenance while also contributing to CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the industry struggles to balance the need to minimize downtime and maximize energy production while ensuring the safety of workers in these challenging offshore conditions.

Our state-of-the-art underwater drone provides a solution to the challenges faced by offshore wind energy maintenance. It enables routine underwater maintenance inspections of turbine foundations and substructures while identifying issues, thus reducing the need for human intervention. Our drone operates in hazardous conditions without risking human lives, thus enhancing safety in offshore wind maintenance. By automating maintenance, we can significantly reduce the costs associated with sending human crews and vessels offshore. The timely identification and resolution of issues through autonomous robot inspections can help prevent costly downtime and maximize energy generation.

Make high-quality inspections of the underwater structures even in turbid, high-current waters
Create interactive 3D maps for a fast and efficient infrastructure assessment
Reduce costs with a streamlined and simple inspection process
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