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More than 850'000 miles of undersea cables and more infrastructures spread around the world and are essential to facilitate logistics and communications around the world. Their upkeep, expansion, and optimization come with significant challenges.

Constructing and maintaining underwater infrastructure is a complex process that involves dealing with extreme underwater conditions, technological limitations, safety concerns for personnel, environmental impact considerations, and high costs. Constant exposure to seawater causes corrosion, while limited visibility and biofouling make equipment inefficient and accessing submerged structures difficult. To address these challenges, innovative technologies, stringent safety protocols, and sustainable practices are necessary to ensure the longevity and resilience of underwater infrastructure.

Our underwater drone provides a fully automated solution by allowing for remote inspections using high-definition cameras and sensors, which enable swift and precise assessments. Tethys Robotics introduces technological innovations that optimize underwater infrastructure management, ensuring efficient maintenance and sustainability. Our drone can access confined spaces, thus reducing the need for human divers and enhancing safety.

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