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Achieve high-quality assessments through AI-powered mapping and autonomous deployment, eliminating risks
to divers.

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Industrial Inspection

Detect and map critical damages early and take preventive maintainance action to avert costly defects and downtime.
  • Monitor industrial facilities in operation with 3D reality capture
  • Use integrated imaging sonars for high-end results in poor visibility conditions
  • Attain centimeter-level georeferencing precision for chronological infrastructure analysis
  • Add environmental data like current, pressure, temperature, oxygen, and more to your 3D models
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Safe deployment in rough waters
Explore the potential of Tethys underwater drones for completing your inspection tasks.
Underwater Drone

Investigation & Exploration

Identify and localize sensitive materials or objects to assess complex scenarious
  • Conduct scenario assessments confidently using 3D captures
  • Incorporate sensor data, such as metal detection, into your 3D assessment
  • Investigate complex areas in real-time
  • Enable gapless search and exploration in complex environments
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Case Studies
Delve into our case studies for an insightful exploration into real-world applications that show you where our solutions are already being used in various areas.
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