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The global maritime market is estimated at multiple trillions USD. With efficiency requirements for global shipping increasing, so is the need for speedy, yet effective, inspection and maintenance of cargo ships and ports.

The maritime sector, particularly in ports and shipping, faces a spectrum of challenges that impact operational efficiency, environmental sustainability, and safety, and the need for streamlined logistics amidst increasing global trade demands. Balancing these factors poses a continuous challenge for the industry, requiring innovative solutions and technological advancements to ensure the resilience and sustainable growth of maritime activities.

Our Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) drones provide a multifaceted solution to maritime challenges. The drones of Tethys Robotics support proactive infrastructure inspections, improve navigational safety through advanced mapping, monitor environmental conditions, enhance security surveillance, expedite search and rescue operations, streamline cargo inspections, contribute to responsible resource exploration, and facilitate ship hull inspections. Their deployment is instrumental in boosting efficiency, safety, and sustainability across various facets of ports and shipping activities.

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