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In the freight transportation industry, it is essential to maintain the hull of transport ships to ensure their longevity and safety. Underwater issues such as fouling and corrosion can severely damage the ship, so regular inspections and cleaning are crucial. These challenges include complicated navigation and strict security measures for maintenance service divers. In addition, since maintenance requires human divers, these tasks can be expensive and labor-intensive.

Our intelligent devices equipped with various sensors have made ship inspections an easy task. Tethys Robotics' drones can create detailed 3D models of ships in no time and also detect any damage or fouling without the need for a dry dock. The use of multi-sensor underwater drones is a revolutionary step forward for the shipping industry, where safe and timely transportation of goods is a top priority. Our drones not only make ship maintenance safer and more cost-effective but also ensure that goods are transported smoothly on well-maintained ships.

Make high-quality inspections of the underwater structures even in turbid, high-current waters
Create interactive 3D maps for a fast and efficient infrastructure assessment
Reduce costs with a streamlined and simple inspection process
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