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Border Control

Controlling maritime borders is a difficult task as the borders are extensive and often remote. Preventing illegal activities like human trafficking and smuggling and ensuring security of waterborne transit are the top priorities of maritime border control. Advanced surveillance, round-the-clock patrols, and interagency cooperation are essential for effective border control to address complex maritime security and immigration challenges. However, these measures are labor-intensive and extremely expensive.

Tethys Robotics' underwater drones are aiding border control efforts by providing advanced surveillance capabilities. They enable the inspection of vessels for contraband underwater and allow for monitoring of remote or difficult-to-reach sea areas. Using these drones increases the efficiency and effectiveness of border control operations that run 24/7. It enables authorities to respond quickly to illegal activities and security threats in waterborne transit at a reduced cost.

Make high-quality inspections of the underwater structures even in turbid, high-current waters
Create interactive 3D maps for a fast and efficient infrastructure assessment
Reduce costs with a streamlined and simple inspection process
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