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Unexploded Ordnance

One of the biggest challenges associated with submerged unexploded ordnance (UXO) is the necessity to locate and safely dispose of sunken weapons from previous conflicts, which can pose a threat to marine activities, infrastructure, and ecosystems. Identifying the precise location and condition of unexploded ordnance in challenging underwater environments is a difficult task, and removing them requires careful planning and execution to ensure safety and minimize environmental impacts.

Tethys Robotics’ drone is equipped with specialized sensors and tools that can conduct remote or automated underwater surveys to detect and assess unexploded ordnance. This enables targeted and controlled removal operations. Our solution ensures that divers are not put in harm's way, improving safety and efficiency in dealing with this critical problem.

Make high-quality inspections of the underwater structures even in turbid, high-current waters
Create interactive 3D maps for a fast and efficient infrastructure assessment
Reduce costs with a streamlined and simple inspection process
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