Underwater Drone

Introducing Proteus

The Underwater Inspection Drone

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Pioneering Autonomous Exploration in Rivers and Tidal Currents – Unveil the Future of Underwater Drone Inspections for Challenging Environments.


300 m
Depth rating
4 h
(hot-swappable batteries)
10 min
Set-up time by people
(no additional infrastructure needed)
2 m/s
Water speed with stationary operation 
(3 times human speed)
Fully equipped diver can be 
lifted by the drone
2000 m
Wired live image connection
Introducing Proteus

Main Features


Autonomous Operation

The drone enables autonomous operation capability by empowering operators to define search areas and set waypoint markers, enabling a seamless and autonomous inspection of complex underwater structures.


Automated terrain following

The solution has the ability for automated terrain following and distance lock to walls or objects, ensuring precise navigation and data collection in diverse environments while also preventing collisions with any objects.


Station-keeping in strong water flows

Our solution has advanced capabilities by effectively maintaining station-keeping in strong water flows, ensuring stable and controlled operations even in turbulent underwater conditions.


Intuitive manipulation & interaction with environment

It provides users with intuitive controls that allow even untrained operators to effortlessly manipulate and interact with the environment.


Mapping in poor visibility

Our underwater drone allows automated zero visibility mapping and 3D modelling at high resolution thanks to our sensor fusion algorithms.

At its core


Proteus is a ready-to-use underwater drone, complete with a standard sensor package that guarantees advanced navigation and mapping capabilities.

Moreover, our underwater drone has the capability to bear diverse payloads and seamlessly integrates with environmental sensing, manipulation, or high-precision scanning functionalities. Enhance your 3D models by incorporating environmental data such as metal detection, current, pressure, temperature, oxygen levels, thickness, non-destructive testing (NDT), and beyond.

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4-Axis Manipulator

The 4-axis manipulator is a soft-end effector and enhances versatility and precision by providing multi-directional control, allowing for intricate and efficient handling of objects in various applications.

Optional: Soft end-effector for enhanced manipulation

Metal Detector and Magnetometer
  • Underwater metal detector: It is an essential tool for marine missions, utilizing electromagnetic fields to accurately locate metal objects beneath the water's surface.
  • Magnetometer: It serves as a key tool for detecting and mapping magnetic anomalies beneath the ocean's surface, aiding in various applications.
Sonar Systems

By emitting sound waves to the ocean floor, sonar systems generate intricate images of underwater landscapes and objects, facilitating efficient seabed mapping and target detection. In addition to a standard forward-looking multibeam imaging sonar, we also offer the option to install side-scan sonars.

Doppler Velocity Logs

DVLs (Doppler Velocity Logs) enable accurate underwater navigation, altitude maintenance, and real-time velocity measurement by analyzing Doppler shifts from acoustic signals reflected off the seabed. Additionally, they can assess current profiles for flow analysis.

Short Baseline System

Short Baseline System (SBL) utilizes sound waves for measuring underwater depths and determining the global position of the underwater drone. Additionally, it can be outfitted for use by nearby divers.

Environmental Sensors
  • A CTD sensor measures the conductivity, temperature, and depth of water with high precision, providing crucial data for determining essential physical properties of the environment
  • An underwater pH sensor plays a central role in marine studies, as it measures the acidity or alkalinity of the water and thus provides important data for monitoring the aquatic environment.
Custom payload
Upon request, we also offer the option of custom payload integration for your specific applications and needs.
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