Hydropower plants have been an essential part of the energy sector until today and will play an even more important role in the future with the shift to renewable energy generation.


Electricity in Switzerland is mainly generated with hydropower with a total share of 62%. There are different kinds of hydropower plants, such as run-of-river, storage or pumped storage power plants. They all have the following in common, water flows through them with a very strong current in order to drive the turbines to generate electricity and they need to be inspected regularly for safety reasons. Such an inspection is very expensive, risky for divers and very difficult to collect accurate data.


With our compact underwater drone, we can offer efficient support in inspection operations.

  • Deploy the compact underwater drone within minutes in rough waters near the turbine of a hydropower plant
  • Identify objects despite poor visbility conditions thanks to real-time sonar enhanced 3D mapping
  • Autonomous inspection to guarantee gapless data collection of large spaces and to minimize the downtime of the power plant

Additionally, we offer on site or virtual real-time support via the control station and aditional post-processing services:

  • High-fidelity 3D models of the enviroment for an accurate assessment of the condition of the hydropower plant

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