Search & Rescue

Tethys Robotics demonstrates the capabilities of person search and identification to local police departments.


After alerting the authorities, the search for the missing person or object begins. Rescue authorities either have very simple means (e.g. only camera), rely on professional divers or have very large diving robots with high-end products, which can rarely be used due to their size and infrastructure effort. When operating in lakes and rivers, the search can take several days to thoroughly inspect large areas, resulting in large personnel and equipment costs. Or even impossible when operating in confined spaces. Again there are multiple human hazardous diver risks like decompression sickness or carbon dioxide toxicity and challenges such as poor visibilty and high currents.


With our compact underwater drone, we can offer efficient support in search, identification and recovery operations.

  • Deploy the compact underwater drone within minutes in rough waters such as rivers or at dangerous sea states
  • Identify objects despite poorest visbility conditions thanks to real-time sonar enhanced 3D mapping
  • Autonomous search to guarantee gapless search of large areas and to minimize the time needed for search

Additionally, we offer on site or virtual real-time support via the control station and additional post-processing services:

  • High-fidelity 3D models of the enviroment for an accurate assessment of the situation

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